no poet

i am no poet i am a polecat, a pretender, a platypus jabbing himself in the side with poison barb, a placating penny store philosopher, a self plagarizing self aggrandizing self unaware, pompous prehensile tail of a writer but i am no poet i am no writer i am a wayward soul lost in the […]


she turned to me with a faint smile, trails of blood running down her chin, delight at war with discomfort in her eyes i leaned in to kiss her as she ran her tongue across bloody lips, she smelled of citrus and pennies as she gripped the sides of my face her tongue ran across […]

your name

whisper your name into my ear so i can learn to say it with the intent of summoning you to my side wherever you may be etch your name across my ear drum so every word i hear from now until forever is colored by your presence in my mind trace your name across my […]

five points on the cemetery gate

I. in the bloom of the black rose, left to wither on the vine, untended by hands weary from thorn pricks, crimson hints beguile the blossoming scent II. the cracked tombstone, weathered with faded carvings, the grass gone brown, plastic flowers bleached white as the bones buried six feet below III. a soft song fills […]


you glide upon wings of redemption stained black by the weight of my sins the sin eater sat with a bowl of ale and a crust of bread, absorbing the misdeeds of the dead, black teeth stained with tar from the multitude of evil deeds taken in you glide my brown eyed beauty i follow […]


floating blindly into the flash fires of eternity grab the back of my head push it down beneath the docile water lethe no coins for the ferryman no value no deposit most certainly no return from this lazy river cerberus snarls three sets of eyes follow my every move the gates of hades are locked […]


little spider on the camera done watching me watch her scurry across the smoked dome advertisement blowing in the breeze across the empty parking lot multi colored to entice overcast as the fog distorts the shape of the city into a hidden land of giants made of glass there is a grit to the air […]