week off

i have taken the week off of writing long form stories too many ideas rattle around insufferable suffocating sensual sin drenched words poetry will have to suffice the need to spill all over the sheets of blank desire how did i live before this outlet before you a half life nothing more nothing i will […]


sitting alone as the sun shines benediction onto the flowers, the light flickers through the trees, dances on my face whispering poetry to the world around me, words falling as they will from thick lips and heavy tongue to the breeze did the real poets do nonsense like this, sing song lyrics, meaningless and mumbled […]


i spiral like a nautilus ever winding inwards i flare like a match book with slight light for a short burst i sob like the lost phantom hands grip my heart i dream like a child with hope in the hopeless i smile like the end of the world with no knowledge of endings i […]

the point

tomorrow ends the regularly scheduled classes, an end for her days as a carefree youth the next adventure is high school i worry i am less prepared than she for the momentous hurdle my awkward years are still going strong as she becomes a capable woman how did she pass my level of maturity at […]


i am a force of natural destruction, a cyclone of lust incarnate a fluffy cloud of gentle loving, the azure sky of pure emotion overhead golf ball sized hail rattling off the rusted tin roof of self collapse endlessly misting rain like a lover’s embrace dancing across your bare skin thunder in the distance with […]

ganz entwirrt (unraveled whole)

ich werde in deiner gegenwart enträtselt, die teile von mir, die einst ganz waren, spulen jetzt über den boden wie weggeworfene fadenstücke (i become unraveled in your presence, the parts of me that once were whole, now spool across the floor like discarded bits of yarn) ich werde in deiner gegenwart wiedergeboren, die teile von […]


the last thing i heard before my ear drum burst was your voice echoing inside my head so now it is no wonder that half deafened your song sings with no escape from the cavernous skull when i block my right ear all i head is the ocean gently rolling as the tide comes in […]