tonight i sleep with the eyes of a shark, the smile of a crocodile, and the tongue of a viper tomorrow i rise with the strength of a lion, the grace of a puma, and the speed of a cheetah not always though i dream with the self worth of a battered child, the eyes […]

hemlock and cyanide

her lips taste of hemlock her eyes flash cyanide semaphore and i cannot imagine any better way to die her hand promise pain in equal amount to pleasure i am willing to take either or to be with her for she is every single thing i desire

off balance

the night is quiet besides the planes overheard there is no noise whatsoever just the sound of his heart as he sits lost in thought his mind races from extreme to extreme a barrage of images that have been carved deep into his mind he is off balance nearly dizzy how many times did he […]

she is, while i madly am V

she is a dainty queen filled with poise yet an undercurrent of silliness lightens her royal beauty she is as perfect laughing with no make up as when she gets ready for a night out is it any wonder i love her when she sends joy intense enough to brighten the world

she is, while i madly am IV

she is the lone lily in a field of brown grass unfazed by the drought she is the song that calls through the darkness of another night of misery is it any wonder i love her as she shields me from nightmares with her light


i get stuck like a needle in a worn out groove like a plastic bag in a tree my brain spins like a hamster on a wheel or a tire on the ice the same words no matter how written do not capture the scene in my mind i try to lay them across the […]