i could teach a class on your beauty. give weekly lectures on why i love you. it could be an elective. but since the moment i found you you’ve been the only subject that matters. Advertisements

(un)titled memory

it was a cold night and the sky was clear as we drove through the winding city streets she leaned across the console and put her head on my shoulder if you had asked me right then i would have told you i wanted that feeling to last until the sun goes supernova and wipes […]


he built a scaffold out of the ivory bones of affection used it to scale down to tap the reflection of the moon in the bottom of the sea the coral cut and snagged his suspenders, suspended in the waters, neon pink daydreams of high colonic dismay a diorama menagerie of carefully sculpted plankton beside […]

(un)titled loss III

depression rests it’s silky smooth wings over my cerebellum it slides it’s fangs into the opioid receptors and feasts a feast of famine for a moment brief yet prolonged it feels like the lips of the love you long to kiss so desperately in your dreams come true then a cold oily sense of discontent […]


he floated face down in the pool he said it was practice but he never said what it was practice for but night after night he floated i wonder if he ever got good at it